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The Best Online Craps Strategy

Online craps strategy delivers one of the best opportunities for the player to win found in the entire virtual casino, and this information just may change your views on how to play craps. That is because the house edge in this popular game runs from 16.67% all the way down to 0.00%. That is right, played properly with smart bankroll management, you can actually work yourself into a coin flip winning opportunity with the casino. This is absolutely unheard of in games like slots and roulette, where the house edge approaches astronomical numbers in some cases. Dating all the way back to the 11th century Crusades in Europe, the form of the game Americans are familiar with appeared in New Orleans thanks to politician Bernard Xavier Philippe de Marigny de Mandeville, and is the same form played online today. Newbies can learn the rules to playing craps here, which will help you start out more informed as a player.

Back in World War II, U.S. Army soldiers played craps using an Army blanket as their shooting surface. A form of dice manipulation was created, and came to be known as the "army blanket roll." Such manipulation is obviously not available to you in the virtual world, so let's look at some online craps strategy tips that you can use instead which will give you the best possibility at winning. First and foremost, you must understand that all online craps casinos will reward you with free bonus money when you sign up at their site and make a deposit. However, you do not necessarily want to simply look for the largest bonus and open an account at that particular site. You need to check the wagering requirements to earn that bonus, which may reveal an online casino offering a smaller welcome bonus, but actually making it easier for you to earn that rewards cash.

The next online craps betting strategy you want to employ also takes place before you "throw" the virtual device. Check out the website's promotions department or contact their customer support team. Ask them if there are any special rewards you need to know about, and make note of the time you need to be playing to take advantage of them. Any time you can get VIP points, refer-a-friend bonuses or straight cash rewards you should take advantage. The next thing you will want to do is play on the website for free, just to get a hang of the user interface. Once you are comfortable, if "the house" allows odds, then take full advantage of this attractive betting situation. If you are playing the pass line at 1X odds, the house owns approximately a 0.85% advantage.

However, at a website which allows you to play 2X odds in that same situation, the house edge drops to 0.57%. A very basic USA online craps strategy, but one the average player simply knows nothing about, is taking or laying the most odds possible when making a pass or don't pass bet. Also, one thing to remember is that a physical craps table layout, as well as the virtual version, tries to draw your attention to the worst possible bets by visually representing them in the most attractive manner. For instance, at your favorite Internet craps casino the individual numbers and high-odds bets like snake eyes are shown prominently, to try to get you to bet on them. However, these are the bets you want to stay away from. For instance, betting on the hard 10 may look very attractive, but the house edge is a whopping 11.11%.

In general, stick to the line bets (come, don't come, pass, don't pass) and use whatever craps odds your particular casino is offering, and you will consistently give yourself the best chance of winning. This online craps betting strategy is the basis for the same intelligent play used by profitable offline and USA online craps players for years. Add sensible bankroll management, take advantage of generous but obtainable welcome bonuses and ongoing player rewards, and you will see yourself enjoying more winning sessions than before. Lady luck is fickle, and nothing is guaranteed since the outcome of your bets is dictated by a pair of rolling dice, but you should always give yourself the best winning opportunity. That includes playing at a trustworthy, safe and secure online craps casino, like one of the ones we recommend here.

A great way to try out your new found online craps strategy is by playing some free online craps. Nearly all online casinos which offer the game of craps have a free play mode that allows you to use 'play money' to bet and enjoy the game. This way you can really get the craps betting strategy down before you try it using any real money wagers.

Best Online Craps Casinos for Trying Out Your Online Craps Strategy

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