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Exploiting the Best Odds in Craps

The odds of winning craps can be drastically different depending on the wager you make, and they all depend on the roll of the dice. And whether you are playing in a brick-and-mortar casino or online at one of the legally licensed offshore USA craps sites, you are going to be looking at pretty much the same table layout. What most players don't know is that there are bets you can make when playing this exciting and potentially rewarding casino game which are not clearly marked on the table, but they substantially improve your craps odds. Why are these bets not clearly marked? It's all about the Benjamins baby. This page will give you the inside scoop regarding the legal bets that the casino does not advertise.

Craps dates all the way back to the Crusades in the 11th century, then the game moved on to receive a large French influence, arriving in New Orleans, Louisiana in the USA in the 1800s. And ever since then, the table layout has been intentionally designed to highlight those wagers which give you the worst odds in craps. After all, virtual and physical casinos are legal businesses which are operating in the hopes of making a profit. But fortunately, if you know what to do and how to place them, there are a few smart bets which drastically increase your odds in craps of expecting a positive outcome.

Covering all possible craps odds is beyond the scope of this piece of content, but you can check out our sections on How to Play Craps, Craps Rules and Craps Strategy for a better understanding of the game if you are relatively new. Once you have at least a beginner's knowledge of this fast moving and exciting dice game, you will want to Take the Odds or Lay the Odds, as these wagers offer far and away the best odds in craps for the player. This is of course after you open and fund an account at only a legally licensed and legitimate offshore casino, and we provide a list of the top such operators here on our site. Let's take a look at exactly how you can benefit from this strategy.

Betting the Odds means you are basically making a side bet after a point is thrown. You can either take the odds if you made a bet on the Pass Line, or lay the odds if you made a wager on the Don't Pass Line. Since these wagers drop the house edge to 0%, you will be restricted to how much you can wager here. However, whether you bet against a point after making a Don't Pass bet, or if you wager for a point after a Pass bet, this gives you a coin flip proposition with the casino. The savvy gambler understands that very few situations ever give you a head-to-head possibility of beating the house, and that is why you definitely want to play the odds in craps.

To enjoy the best odds of winning craps, if you place a bet on a point, you can enhance your chances of winning and lower the house edge by placing your odds bet directly behind your Pass Line bet. There is not usually an area marked for this wager, because as we mentioned above, it is the smartest bet for the player and the casino does not want to advertise it. Most casinos will only allow 3X or 4X, maybe 5X your original bet to be placed here, depending on the point you are betting on. If you have placed a Don't Pass line bet, you lay odds in the same manner, placing a wager directly behind your Don't Pass line bet.

The odds of winning craps eventually rely on how the dice come out, but you can give yourself the best craps odds upfront by simply sticking to a Pass or Don't Pass bet, and then either taking or laying the odds. Any time you can get an even proposition with a virtual or land-based casino, you should be ecstatic. There are of course intricate and complex craps bets which veterans place that you may eventually want to pursue. But only do this once you become more adept at taking advantage of the smart bets we mentioned here, which can realistically give you the best expectation for winning while playing this exciting dice game, as you exploit the best craps odds available.

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